Skills Earth Sciences

Discussion and outline of future research

Now is the time to present the interpretations of your observations and results, and how these contribute to the general understanding of your (research) topic. Here is where you show how your findings provide insight into the research question and hypothesis. Again, stick to the arguments that are relevant to your research and build towards your core message(s). This could mean comparing your results to those of similar publications, but there is no need to compare all your results to literature unless it matches with your hypothesis and core message.

Try not to bring up many new sources at this stage. Continue with sources that you had already mentioned in the introduction, which probably showcased a knowledge gap. Go back to these sources and show how this gap is filled with your new findings.

At the end of this section the audience should be able to draw your conclusions clearly from all the information you have provided up to this point. For extra emphasis, include a conclusions slide with the most important points of your presentation and how they led to your core message(s).