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Self-regulated learning: How to self-study better

Continuing to climb the educational ladder doesn’t necessarily mean we were taught how to study effectively along the way. Most of us learned to study through a trial and error of different techniques. Once established, it’s difficult to shake these habits even when they lead to negative outcomes such as time mismanagement or increased stress. Learning to become a self-regulated learner helps us gain control over these habits and steers us towards our most efficient selves.

The following module is a compilation of resources and techniques designed to help you implement self-regulated learning into your study. This wasn’t created as a standalone document but should be used during your study sessions to help guide your knowledge retention. You may find yourself asking: how do I set up healthy academic goals for myself? Which study methods are best for my final exams next week? What should I do to track my progress? When such study related thoughts come to mind check this module for advice and guidance. Keep in mind: developing these habits takes time and you won’t be able to apply each of these techniques right away.

We suggest scanning over the learning outcomes presented at the beginning of each chapter before starting. They provide a succinct explanation of what you can expect to learn from each chapter. You may find there are certain learning outcomes you would like to achieve more than others. Feel free to approach this module in the order that most aligns with your skill gaps or needs. The learning process is iterative and all these techniques eventually feed back into each other. As your critical thinking muscles are strengthened, so will your confidence to effectively manage your study on your own.

You can access the different chapters of the Self-Regulated Learning module in the left menu. If you click on a specific chapter, a list of of specific subchapters appears. If you prefer a pdf-version of the module, you can download it here.