Skills Earth Sciences


To check if your video meets the requirements, please check the rubric. A short general checklist, based on the rubric, is given below. Please note that this checklist is based on technicalities and that your course may have additional requirements.

    • The purpose of the video, what type of video will be used, and the target audience have been described in a clear and concise way.
    • A clear and concise description telling what the video is about (synopsis) is given, which makes clear that the video:
      • Serves the purpose of the assignment
      • Is relevant to the subject matter and matches the requirements of the course or client.
    • A script is given that outlines the core message of the video including all texts, actions and motions to be used.
    • The script has been translated into a complete storyboard that uses images to convey how all crucial moments are to be filmed.
    • All scientific sources for substantiating the core message and script are listed using the appropriate reference method.
    • A clear overview of all needed permissions is provided, which covers the following aspects: model/extra release form(s), shooting on location, rights of publicity (model release), use of existing video and audio material.
    • The script and storyboard have been realised and the core message is convincing.
    • The technical quality enhances the transfer of the content. Relevant aspects are (a) editing, (b) audio and image quality, (c) use of music and sound effects, (d) camera positions and movement and (e) use of text in the image.
    • The video starts or ends with:
      • The title (fitting the core message)
      • Name of the authors and study programme/educational institution.
      • Mention is made of all used sources used (literature, video, audio etc.) in compliance with the corresponding rules and requirements.