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What is self-regulated learning?

Not all study methods were created equal, and they depend heavily on the individuals employing them. Learning how to direct time and energy towards the most productive study method leads to a more rewarding study experience and is proven to increase self-efficacy and motivation1. The cycle of self-regulated learning is illustrated in Fig. 1.

As a self-regulated learner, we start in the forethought phase: planning, setting goals, and laying out strategies for the task we’d like to do or learning outcome we’d like to achieve. During the performance phase we use strategies to monitor our performance. In the final stage, self-reflection, we not only reflect on our performance but use the results of this most recent performance to guide how we will handle the next one. The process is not one-size-fits all, but over time it will become tailored to each individual’s needs and learning expectations.

Fig. 1: The self-regulated learning cycle and associated chapters in this module.